Missing Pieces

Have you not found the manufacturer of your choice? Please, let us know and we will add the related information in the list accordingly.

AnaTolian http://www.anatolian.com.tr/
Art puzzle http://www.heidi.com.tr/
Castorland The manufacturer needs to be contacted directly by mail.
Contact Castorland
Clementoni This manufacturer will send you the missing pieces upon your request. First, please, send the requested information to the manufacturer by mail.
Detailed description of how to proceed, click here.
Cobble Hill https://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/
D - Toys https://www.dtoys.ro/
Dino https://www.dino.cz/

Educa sends the missing pieces if:

  • indicated on the package
  • less than 16 pieces are claimed
  • and till the stock lasts

To claim the missing pieces a form on the Educa's website is to be filled in.

Detailed description of how to proceed, click here.

Eurographics https://www.eurographics.ca/
Gibsons https://gibsonsgames.co.uk
Grafika http://www.grafika-puzzle.com/
Heye https://heye-puzzle.de/en/
Jumbo https://www.jumbo.eu/
KS Games https://ksgames.com.tr/
Nathan https://www.nathan-puzzle.fr/
Piatnik https://www.piatnik.com
Ravensburger https://www.ravensburger.de
Schmidt https://www.schmidtspiele.de
Sunsout https://www.sunsout.com/
Trefl https://trefl.com/
Zdeko https://www.zdeko-puzzle.cz/
Anatolian Castorland Clementoni Cobble Hill Dino Educa Eurographics Heye Jumbo Masterpieces Ravensburger Schmidt SunSout Trefl